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FutureGateway Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)


Enabling recognises the challenges of wholesalers, including selling to the fiercely competitive retail industry; that is why we have Wholesale Trade experts who understand the sector and can help your business get ahead with financial, process, and customer management via a fully integrated Supply Chain Management Systems that provide your company with a competitive advantage.


Enabling’s, Supply Chain Management Systems allow you to meet your customer demands more effectively and efficiently.  Our Supply Chain Management Systems give you the ability to quickly and effectively process orders to ensure customer needs are understood and addressed quickly. Our Supply Chain Management Systems will also provide your business with the flexibility to respond to ever changing customer demands and market trends.


Benefits of an integrated Supply Chain Management Systems include;

Lower Costs – By adding an effective SCM system to a business, the added global efficiency can lead to lower costs of raw materials. This system efficiently plans for materials to be brought to your company from the lowest cost provider possible and at just the right time to ensure there is no excess or deficiency in the material. A SCM system can improve your company’s relationship with vendors so that there are opportunities to cut costs like through a volume discount.


Improved Collaboration – A SCM system wired in to the latest software allows you to know the position your raw materials and your finished products are in by tracking both your suppliers and your distributors. These companies can also track where you are at in receiving or sending those materials. This knowledge can keep relationships between these businesses strong. This system often includes the development of reports on how the chain of goods progresses from supplier through distributor. These reports help your businesses to determine potential areas of improvement.


Cycle Times – The cycle time can be defined as the time it takes your business to turn over a product from raw materials, give it to your distributor to sell and then make enough money to purchase new raw products to start the cycle over. If at any point it takes too long to obtain these raw materials, production may have to stop which will slow down your organisation. A SCM system improves cycle times and ensures that raw materials are provided when your business needs them so that you never have to stop production.


Response to Conflict – Unfortunately, a business cannot always run smoothly and there are a number of factors that can lead to problems in the production of a product. If an issue occurs with the suppliers of your company, you may have to change how you produce your product. If the distributor goes out of business, you will have to find another way to sell the product. A SCM system lets your company better cope with problems at either side of the production spectrum. You can quickly and easily figure out a response to the problem instead of being surprised by it at a later time.