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Academic Testing

Academic Testing and Assessment Solutions

Learning never ceases to be critical to the development of global youth and to playing a leading role in supporting the global economy. And whether that learning is in pursuit of a certificate or degree or an effort to become​ proficient in English as a second language, academia is one area that impacts, and improves, millions of people’s lives worldwide. Prometric provides the right mix of content development expertise, flexibility, convenience and content security for academic testing and assessment to institutions, teaching and training organizations.

Prometric understands your need for learning to be accessible, convenient and easy, too. Using our highly secured Internet-based testing capabilities in any proctored environment adds an even deeper level of flexibility and ubiquity to the delivery of your exam program that will meet test taker demand anywhere in the world. We specialize in delivering both small, one-time events and unprecedented large-scale assessments that accommodate hundreds of thousands of test takers in a short period of time.

We also specialize in helping colleges and universities compete for the lucrative adult distance learners market, the fastest growing segment in higher education testing and assessment. Our market-leading Higher Education Testing and Assessment Solutions, from specialized test development, to secure test delivery, to proctored web-based exams, allow you to provide the convenience that adult distance learners want without sacrificing the integrity of your testing and resultant outcomes.

Please contact us to learn more about our solutions for academic testing and assessment as well as higher education and how our customized test development and test delivery processes can help you create a comprehensive, secure and measureable test.