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IT Testing

IT Certification Solutions


nformation Technology (IT) is the single, most rapidly changing and growing industry in the world. Every day, new technology is developed while old technologies are retired or improved. Secure networks, gaming, sharing​ pictures with friends, national security, conducting business, electronic medical records, distance learning, secure protection of sensitive and personal ID data are only some of the millions of uses for technology today. Add in trends such as the move to flexible work arrangements, contract work, an aging work force, global labor sourcing, data-driven decision making and the need for both more specialization and more fundamental skills, and it becomes clear just how complex the IT certification process and job market have become.


That’s why it is critical to ensure there are skilled, knowledgeable and qualified professionals ahead of the curve and on top of new IT developments. Our IT Certification Solutions can help you overcome these many challenges − providing a valid and reliable way for test takers to demonstrate their skills and for employers to see the value of IT certification as a way to verify those skills among candidates they are considering for a particular position. You can count on Prometric to safeguard your test data and intellectual property while also working in partnership with you to protect the integrity of the IT certification test process.


Please contact us to learn more about our IT Certification Solutions and how our customized test development and test delivery processes can help you create a comprehensive, secure and measureable test.